17 Various club has been inaugurated by Hon.ble Collector Shri Ayush Oak Sir(IAS).

To providing a facility to develop a scientific attitude on knowledge of culture and nurture, in the district.(Under the keen guidance of Gujcost,DST,Govt.Of Gujarat)

(1) Gujcost-Astronomy-Club

(2) Gucost-Maths-Club

(3) Gujcost-Science-Club

(4) Gujcost-Banker-Club

(5) Gujcost-Languages-Club

(6) Gujcost-YOGA-Club

(7) Gujcost-Farmers-Club

(8) Gujcost-Kitchen-Garden-Club

(9) Gujcost-Tejashwini – Women-Club








(17)Gujcost Literature-Club

I am requesting to all of you, please joint us for the promotion of Scientific attitude & Let’s solve the problems arising in the society with the approach of science.