An evening of 22nd February 2021 Monday in nature cloudy sky was but in campus of

JNV-MotaBhandariya. Dist.AMRELI was full of chirping of young teachers & students curious to the Astronomical programme. Under instruction of Hon.’ble Collector Shri Ayush Oak(IAS) Sir.

Organised by District Community Science Centre,Children’s Museum & Bal Bhavan,AMRELI.

(Gujcost.DST.Govt.Of Gujarat).

A group of teachers & students very peacefully has attended a lecture delivered by Shri Dilipbhai Devmurari Sir – Astronomer, on luminous structures of sky. The lecture has revealed exact location of various stars, group of stars, and their imaginary shape resembling the shape of animal around us , i.e. zodiacs, constellations, galaxies. The lecture also supported by copies of original photos taken by space-telescope. The same has followed by practical demonstration with the help of rotating perforated sky globe, releasing the image of carried sky structures For all of them this was some what amazing-charismatic. Various practicals of fun with science has been deleted by Shri T.G.Mandaliya Sir.

Shri Chetanbhai Pathak, Shri Axit Sodha & Smt.Nayana Pathak has been explained the scientific aspect to the students.

In kind support has been given by Respected Principal Shri VijayKumar Bhose Sir & Teachers of the JNV-Mota Bhandariya.