“Future of Science, Technology and Innovation”

a series programmes on the celebration of #NationalScienceDay !!!!

(District Community Science Centre, Children’s Museum & Bal Bhavan, AMRELI(Gujcost.DST.Govt.Of Gujarat)

Tribute to Great Scientist #CVRaman Sir

#ChildScientists create stunning working models in the celebration of National Science Day in the Great Raman’s memory of C.V.Raman Sir.

The #VerticalPen made from scratch. It’s a wonderful creation by ChildScientists.

‪”पानी तेरी अजब कहानी” an Unique Message of #Environmental Awakening by Photo Exhibition.

“Highlights; legendary of Science World”

The ‘Raman Effect’ was discovered on 28 February 1928 by Dr. Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman (1888–1970), the great scientist of the country. For this, he was also awarded the Nobel Prize in 1930 along with various awards. To remember his efforts, in 1986, the National Council for Science and Technology Communication declared 28 February as National Science Day. The main objective of celebrating this is to create awareness of science among people and especially children. The theme of this year’s Science Day is ‘Future of Science, Technology and Innovation SIT): Impact on Education, Skills and Work’