“Science & Society”
(Organized by District Community Science Centre, Children’s Museum & Bal-Bhavan,Amreli.

Sponsored by Gujarat Council On Science & Technology, DST, Govt. of Gujarat, Gandhinagar.(Gujarat-India)

As per instruction and guidance of Gujarat Council On Science & Technology(GUJCOST)DST, Govt.of Gujarat, Gandhinagar; A programme has been arranged and conducted on National Science Drama Festival-2019 at District Community Science Centre, Children’s Museum & Bal-Bhavan,Amreli on 27th September 2019 from morning to onward.

Under the favorable condition of nature, the fest has been inaugurated by enlightenment of holy lamp by president of fest. chief guest , been in position to enlighten the holy Deepak, by Respected Shri Umeshbhai Joshi Sir, Respected Shri Udaybhai Desai Sir( Honorable Personalities Of Amreli Jilla Sahitya Sarjak Academy), Dr.Kalindiben Parikh, Principal Shri Vipulbhai Vyas, Principal Dr. Amitbhai Upadyai, Dy.Director Dineshbai Trivedi, Shri Chetanbhai Pathak, Shri Pankajbhai Lashkari, Shri T.G.Mandaliya, Shri Ketanbhai Rajyaguru, Shri Arunbhai Pansuriya, Shri Jigneshbhai Raiyani, Shri Rahulbhai, Shri Varshaben Joshi, Shri Jagrutiben Rajyaguru, Shri Prkashbhai Joshi, Shri Indiraben Dave, Shreyas Seju, Yash Raval & all the guests in cluster. Then they have a mike to announce a sweet short of the object of this programme.

An introductory address delivered by Shri Umeshbhai Joshi Sir, Shri Udaybhai Desai Sir, Principal Shri Vipulbhai Vyas, Principal Dr. Amitbhai Upadhyai has explained the objectives of organization of such science drama fest.2019 for PRASAR of scientific attitude among the level of common men. The guests on dais have welcomed by offering a floral raceme.

One by one all the participants been found on stage with their preparation to present their science massage/theme as determined by Gujarat Council on Science & Technology (GUJCOST) like
Sub theme
(1) Gandhi & Science
(2) Cleanliness- Health & Hygiene
(3) Periodic Table
(4) Green & Clean Energy

As per result declared by Dr.Kalindiben Parikh in service as Judges with the kind Support has been given by Shri T.G.Mandaliya Sir.
winner team….
First winner Team(PERIODIC TABLE)
Rajula Kanya Shala No.-3(Guided by Shri Jagrutiben Rajyaguru)

Second winner Team (GREEN & CLEAN ENERGY)
Godhavadar Primary School(Guided by Shri Dhavalbhai Joshi & Shri Varshaben Joshi)

Third Winner Team : (GANDHI & SCIENCE)
Dipak High School, Amreli(Guided by Shri Prakashbhai Joshi & Shri Mayankbhai Kacha)

Received a prize through all honorable presentees. The programme been totally anchored by Shri T.G. Mandaliya Sir , in his very directive words and speech really fest been colorful joy day & supporting role has been given by Shri Chetanbhap Pathak & Shri Ketanbhai Rajyaguru, Shri Pankajbhai Lashkari & Shri Jigneshbhai Raiyani.

Dr.Kalindiben Parikh in service as Judges; with kind Support has been given by Shri T.G.Mandaliya Sir; appreciated the jointly work by students under the guidance of their teachers he has also congratulated all with warm best wishes for grand success at state level National Science Drama-2019 festival.

At the end of the programme the words of thanks been delivered by Dy.Director Shri Dineshbhai Trivedi.

An inspirational back and well-wishes were provided by main trustee Shri Jawaharbhai Mehta, Chair Person Shri Hemendrabhai Mehta, Shri Manubhai Mehta, Shri P.K.Laheri Sir, Shri Nileshbhai Parekh, Shri Motabhai Sanvat, Shri Naranbhai Dobariya & Shri Sajidbhai Pathan.